It’s been my single longest act of procrastination. After reading countless amazing and invaluable blogs like Crossing the Lines (Steve Stofka), Sic Transit PHL (Michael Noda)Pedestrian Observations (Alon Levy), Itinerant Urbanist (Sandy Johnston), and more, I vowed to myself I would start my own blog to theorize, polemicize, rant, and praise the happenings around transit in Greater Philadelphia. Instead, I took a years-long detour first through Disqus, then through Twitter, where the discourse and feedback was more fast-paced and I didn’t have to flesh out details as much.

But I’ve realized now that I want to go back and start tackling the process of longform writing again.. Some of my favorite Disqus comments on PlanPhilly were point-by-point rebuttals of long reports or reflections on major planning initiatives. So with practice, I hope to expand and connect previously disparate comments and tweets in the hopes that I don’t have to constantly repeat myself, and actually get something down in a permanent format. See you soon!